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    We provide professional musicians and comprehensive music resources for funeral services and ceremonies held in Crematoria Chapels, Churches and other places of worship. Engagements span from fully embedded and complete music management and performance to the provision of a musician for a service.
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    We regularly fulfil engagements for:
    • Organists
    • Bagpipers
    • Solo Singers
    • Vocal Ensembles and Choirs
    • Buglers/Trumpeters
    • Brass and Wind Ensembles
    • String Quartets

    and are able to meet the most exacting of musical requirements.

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    Crematorium music's management has well found knowledge of requested repertoire and can offer a fast recordings location and procurement service. We obtain compact audio discs in rapid time for individual funerals or manage a Crematorium recorded music library to satisfy every taste and need.